Brian Blanton, PhD

Renaissance Computing Institute
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Director, Earth Data SciencePrincipal Scientist
OT: 919 445 9620, M: 919 308 3898



Coastal physical oceanographer with extensive experience in numerical models and high-performance computation. Strengths include storm surge and tide dynamics, forecasting of coastal water levels and waves, data analysis and scientific programming. Specific research and applications areas include the impacts of sea level rise on modification of the coastal floodplain; application of the storm surge model ADCIRC/SWAN and the development of computational model systems for coastal inundation modeling and flood insurance studies; storm surge and wave model validation.


Coastal physical oceanography, Computational and numerical methods, Numerical ocean modeling, Oceanographic and meteorological data analysis, High-performance computing, System/script programming: Perl, shell, Model/data visualization, Scientific programming: F77/F90, C, MATLAB.


  • B.S., Mathematical Sciences Armstrong State College, Savannah, Georgia, Jun 1991
  • Ph.D., Marine Sciences  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Dec 2003
  • Post-Doc, Marine Sciences  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,  Jan-Dec 2004